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What is the Selection Process?

Production companies supply us with casting briefs that describe the type and numbers of young performers they need for their particular production. We will then match this to our members suitability and put these members forward. You will not be told everytime your child has been put forward for a casting but parents are always consulted before any offer of an audition.What to expect at an audition?

These are sessions set up by casting directors to choose children for their film/commercial/ photographic session.  Casting sessions / auditions generally take place Monday to Friday, anytime between 9.30am and 6.00pm. We have little or no control over the time the member will be required to attend.  Of course you don't have to accept an invitation to attend a casting session, and many parents don't want to take their children out of school should the casting fall on a school day. Important - Auditions are hard won and competition is very fierce, so if you accept a booking to attend an audition or an assignment then you must attend and at the time agreed with you.  It is your responsibility to make allowances for traffic delays, etc. The rewards in terms of experience and enjoyment are great, although financially child fees are notoriously poorly paid, especially theatre work.  You must be aware that following a casting session / audition it is standard industry practice that you will only normally be contacted if the member has been successful.  We appreciate this can be upsetting for children and parents, so please ensure their (and your) expectations are always kept low.

What Happens When I get Booked for a Job?

If you are successful following an audition, or if you have been selected without an audition, the Agency will contact you with an offer of an assignment.
N.B. Please make absolutely sure the member (and any attendance required by a parent) is available to carry out the work and you fully understand the requirements before accepting the booking. Once you have accepted the booking then the member must arrive at the production at the time and place specified.  Failing an unforeseen major catastrophe happening there can be no exceptions to this.
Cancellations:If for any reason you need to cancel your booking you must always notify the Agency ASAP so we can make arrangements for a replacement. It is very  important so please speak to one of the team in person - N.B  We will not accept voicemail messages.  How to get a licence?

Licences are needed for nearly every production your child undertakes. Without a licence being issued no-one aged 16 and under can be employed within the entertainment industry. In licensing terms a child aged 16+ no longer needs a licence once formal education is ended. i.e. when their GCSE examinations have been completed.Production Companies usually have a fast turnaround between auditions and filming, and therefore often require children that they can licence quickly.  However, getting a licence can be a lengthy procedure, so the more prepared you are the easier and quicker the process will become. Having all the necessary documents ready to go will give your child a better chance of getting work.This is what you need to have ready as soon as possible
  • Parental Medical Declaration - A general statement, simply stating the student is both fit and well to take part in a production - This can be sent by the Agency when your child gets a booking
  • Birth Certificate -  Photocopy of your child's birth certificate (not the original)
  • Passport photos -  Two standard passport photos of your child (please put their name on the back).
Put these items in a safe place until needed.

Your child is successful in getting a job - What Happens Next ?Here are actions you need to do NOW
  • The Agency will send you the Children's Licence application form
  • Fully complete the Children's Licence Application form
  • Get a letter from your child's Head Teacher giving permission for him or her to be absent from school to take part in this production.
  • Immediately send all the 5 items listed above  to the Agency and we will submit these to the child's local Education Welfare Officer (EWO).  Your EWO resides within the County Council  authority in which your child lives.
Please Note:   Once all the necessary documents are received by your Local Education Authority LEA) it can take up to 21 working days for them to raise a performance licence. So you must act promptly to ensure you get your licence processed as soon as possible.Once the licence has been approved, copies are mailed to you and the Production Company. The Agency does not receive a copy, so please ensure that you advise us as soon as you receive the licence.  We will then know you are ready to go.We understand and appreciate the efforts that you go to organise these licences, so please remember:
The LEA will not process your application unless it is completed correctly and contains all five items
  • It can take up to 21 working days for a LEA to raise a performance licence
  • Your child will not be able to take part in any assignment until a licence has been obtained

General Guidelines For Parents.

  • Notify Changes
  • All Mobile, Home or Work phone numbers, email and address changes must be notified in writing to the Agency ASAP
  • Important Advice on Filming Procedure
  • You will have to find your own way to the location / studio and sometimes we can supply a map, otherwise it will assist you to  look on the websites: maps.google.co.uk, www.theAA.com, orwww.streetmap.co.uk
  • It is vital that you arrive on time as delays will cause problems for the rest of the artists and production team. (you may even be sent away and then you will not get paid)
  • Call times may be any time of day so please allow a full day for filming. Once on location / studio you may be asked to sign in and out. Please ensure you always sign in and out on a DRS Talent Agency sheet and no other agency's sheet.
  • If you are over 16 you will need your National Insurance Number. Make sure you have this with you otherwise it will delay payment.
  • If you have any queries or problems on location / set call the Agency first.
  • Meals and refreshments are usually provided free by the production company throughout the day particularly on location. There can be a lot of waiting around so take something to occupy yourself, e.g. books, cards, crosswords etc. Also wear comfortable shoes and take coats especially for outside filming.
  • We must stress that the work you undertake must be taken seriously and professionally. Neither the production companies nor this Agency will tolerate any type of bad behaviour or misconduct.
  • What kind of work do you do?

We provide children for work in film, television, theatre, West End shows, radio, adverts, corporate, photographic, background and much more.

Will we get any feedback on Auditions?

Because of the sheer volume of auditions, we do not tend to give feedback, nor, infact do we ourselves receive it. This is just too busy an industry and casting directors give feedback only when a child has been successful.

Why hasn't my child had anything?

Often it can be a matter of waiting for a job to come in. We react to very specific breakdowns and submit clients as much as we can for jobs that are right for them. It is a highly competitive industry and to gain a casting is an acheivement. We will submit your child for any work that they fit the criteria for but we cannot guarantee they will be offerred an audition. The agency cannot guaranteed work, as this is a realistic and honest approach to a highly competitive industry

How do we get paid for the work we have done?

Once we have received payment we will email you asking you for your bank details and from here we will pay directly via BACS into your account.

How long do we have to wait for payment?

As soon as we get paid and the money has cleared we pay out by BACS every week. Typically payments take 4-6 weeks.

What commission do you take?

We take 20% plus VAT commission for paid work.

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